Elective Surgical Service

We offer a number of elective veterinary surgical services at our East Texas Vet locations. If you are interested in spaying or neutering to prevent pregnancy, we provide that service in the most caring and convenient manner for you and your pet. Other common procedures we offer on an expert care level include declawing and dental surgery. We take the comfort and safety of our patients seriously before, during, and after elective surgery. When you schedule an elective surgery, you will be provided with detailed instructions on preparing your pet for the procedure and caring for them afterward.

Medically Necessary Procedures

Surgery_roomSometimes animals get sick or injured and require surgical intervention. At our East Texas Vet locations, your pet can receive medically necessary surgical services, including orthopedic surgery, gastropexy, and procedures that address brachycephalic airway syndrome. As a part of our commitment to excellence, we carefully screen your animal before surgery to ensure that we proceed with the most effective treatment option.

We hope your pets never require surgical services, but in the unlikely scenario they do, they will receive compassionate and expert care from the