Dog allergies and cat allergies can negatively impact your animal's quality of life. When your pet seems unwell, it is not always easy to identify the underlying cause. Pet allergies often go untreated because they cannot tell you how they feel. At our East Texas Vet locations, we can test and diagnose allergies in cats and dogs. If we discover that your animal is suffering from allergies, we have treatment options available to alleviate symptoms, prevent future problems, and get your pet feeling great again.


Your cats and dogs may be covered in fur but their skin still needs attention from time to time. Allergies can cause itchy skin in your pets and lead to excessive scratching. Other conditions can cause extremely dry skin, bumps or lumps under the skin, and infections. If your pets are suffering with skin problems because of allergies, the treatment may be as simple as changing the food they eat or the soap you use in their bath. However, skin problems can also point to more serious issues, such as cancer. It is important to address any skin issues your pets are experiencing because they may be pointing to a more serious underlying issue. We can help with all of their dermatological needs.