Pets can get sick just like humans, but sometimes it can be hard for owners to tell. A loss of appetite, vomiting, coughing, or excessive thirst and urination could all be signs that your pet is sick. Contact The Vet on 4th to schedule an appointment if you believe your pet is sick!

Yes, dogs can get hiccups. Like humans, hiccups occur because of involuntary muscle spasms in the diaphragm. This can happen when your pet drinks too much water and is usually nothing to worry about. Contact the Vet on 4th if you have concerns.

Yes, cleaning your cats teeth can prevent periodontal disease and other problems. The Vet On 4th can provide all the dental care your cat needs to maintain a healthy mouth.

You can give us a call to schedule your pet’s next appointment! Visit our location page where you can select which practice to call and schedule your appointment. 

Bringing home a new puppy or kitten is very exciting. There are lots of things to prepare and supplies to purchase. One of the tasks at the top of your list should be taking your new pet to the vet for the first time. Puppies and kittens often come home around between 8 and 10 weeks old. This is a great time to bring your new pet in. If you bring home an older puppy or kitten, it’s recommended to schedule the appointment as soon as possible to get them protected with vaccines.

No! You can schedule a regular visit for your pet during the extended hours if that is what works best for your schedule.

If you are ready to join the family at The Vet on 4th and set your pet up as a new patient, you can contact us through our website or give us a call. Our friendly staff is happy to help you get your pet established as our newest patient.

Yes! There are a number of problems that you can prevent by bringing your pet in for routine wellness checks. In addition, these exams allow you to keep your pet up to date on important vaccinations such as rabies.

If your cat or dog suffers an injury or appears to be sick, give us a call right away and we will help you determine if you need to bring them in to see us. If your pet has a serious accident, you can come directly to our animal hospital for emergency care.

No! You can schedule a regular visit for your pet during the extended hours if that is what works best for your schedule.

At The Vet on 4th, we provide care for all breeds of cats and dogs.

We are located at 3576 4th Street in Longview, TX just around the corner from Hinsley Park.

The Vet on 4th provides comprehensive veterinary service for your pets including wellness & vaccinations, dentistry, surgery, and emergency care.

Yes, the Vet on Fourth is open late and after hours 7 days a week. The veterinary hospital at The Vet on 4th is open from 7am - 9pm each day.

The food you buy for your dog or cat should provide the nutrients they need to avoid digestive issues and live a long and happy life. If you are concerned about your pet's nutrition or want to learn about how you can maximize their health with proper nutrition, contact The Vet on Fourth.

Yes, dogs can catch viruses and get sick. However, it’s not very likely that your dog will catch something like the cold or the flu from you. If your dog is sick and you are concerned contact The Vet on 4th to schedule an appointment.