Clinic Cat

Hi! My name is Thor. I am 22lbs of luscious curves and reside here at the clinic. Due to my lovely curves and voracious appetite, I live on the edge as a diabetic feline. Now the girls have me on a diet, so welcome to my weight loss journey (insert eye roll). Anytime you visit me here at the clinic...PLEASE FEED ME!!! My favorite things are food, snacks, cat nip, boxes, and mischief. In my spare time, I like to play with my own feces, slap drinks off the counter tops, sleep in patient’s cat carriers, and aggravate the girls that work here. I have earned so many nicknames, Titten, Sh*tten, Thor Daddy, and Big Sexy. I also like to think of myself as a protector of the girls here. Anytime a spicy cat comes into the clinic and gets rowdy with MY girls I run to the rescue to intervene. You see, I am the real boss here and rule the roost!